Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vaccine Season

Oh my, is this hip-hop with an actual message I hear? Rarer than a man with integrity. Check it out:

Those warning about a man-made pandemic a few years back are simply shaking their head at the emergence of the equally expected "mandatory" mass vaccination that is being pushed for the fall. Austrian journalist and my current hero Jane Burgermeister, has filed criminal charges against Baxter, WHO (World Health Organization) and others alleging bioterrorism with the intent to commit mass murder. Vaccine manufacturers claiming lawful immunity from prosecution due to harmful effects from the vaccine, should ring quite a loud alarm bell. Not to mention the mountain of information ignored by omission or commission by the sheep in journalist's clothing.

For a good chuckle at our mass amnesia check this 70's "60 Minutes" clip out:

If you have any questions about vaccines or the flu, feel free to contact me as I am in the process of doing my own research.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

If You Meet The Batman On The Road, Kill Him!

Yet one more source of sneaky disempowerment and Orwellian doublethink.

I love the slight of hand superheroes have played on our culture. While posing as saviors and champions of righteousness, they actually maintain the illusion that an abstract force outside of us can solve the problems we think are beyond us. Instead of creating empowerment, superheroes polarize us into victors/victims and actually create feelings of impotence at a subconscious level. In fact one may argue that superheroes add to the development of the prevalent syndrome of "it's not my problem, so let someone else think of it". As a result barely anyone takes positive action. The absolute truth is that each one of us has the strength, ability, and talent to face any situation in this comes not by believing but knowing. Know it my friends. Batman sure does. And if his writers weren't creating his life for him I'm sure he'd tell you so himself.

And how about the superhero's need to hide while doing good and serving real justice? What a perverse implication for our world that is. Thanks Stan Lee. Thanks a lot.