Thursday, November 24, 2011

Aunt Mimi...

...waiting for a lemonade by the sea. Her dear friend Camila dropped out of this long anticipated trip most inconveniently at the last minute. To be fair there were valid reasons, but that's another story. Aunt Mimi never married. This remains a silent concern, in some way touching every aspect of her life. Meanwhile, two tables down, Gabriel was not charged for his third beer and the side of olives he ordered. He chooses not to mention this to the waitress. He will leave a generous tip however, walk away, and in a year's time will meet Mimi for the first time. Gabriel will fall deeply in love with her sincere giggle, small lower lip, and genuine concern for the world . Neither of them will ever know that they shared the same air for some minutes at the sea, one year past. Here now, Mimi will enjoy her lemonade (though it could have used more sugar) stroll around the water and drift to sleep to dream of lemon trees.

The sun indeed shines brightly.